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WKYI-TV 24 continues to be your home for movies, entertainment, specials, local programming, lifestyle, talk, courtroom drama, and more! WKYI-TV 24 remains the fastest growing television station in Louisville where you tune in every day for fun and great TV!

WKYI-TV 24 is now  THIS 24 Louisville!  Along with great shows, you will see Hollywood Blockbuster Movies throughout the day seven days a week!

In between the movies, THIS 24 Louisville brings you great shows like Lets Ask America, Judge Faith, Bridezillas, Addams Family, The Game Plane, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Stargate SG-1,  The Better Show, The Border, Black College Quiz Show, The Balancing Act, and other shows you have come to enjoy!  THIS 24 Louisville also brings viewers unique locally produced programming including The Secrets of Louisville Chefs, The Lawyers,  Strategic Wealth, Pet Pals TV, and Kentuckiana Motorsports.

[For a listing of movies, programs, and specials check out the schedule page]




THIS 24 Louisville is your home for entertainment drama, comedy, reality TV, mystery, specials, courtroom action, and great local programs too!

Check out the full schedule to find out when your favorite show is on next and discover why more people are tuning in THIS 24 Louisville

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