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                 IT'S A NEW SEASON ON WKYI-TV 24!                                                                                                

WKYI-TV 24 is your home for movies, entertainment, specials, local programming, holiday fun, lifestyle, talk, and and more! WKYI-TV 24 continues to be the fastest growing television station in Louisville where you tune in every day for fun and great TV!

The new season on WKYI-TV 24 brings you new shows like Lets Ask America, Judge Faith, The Conspiracy Show, Forensic Files, The Game Plane, and Crime Strike!  Other favorite return including  Bridezillas, The Border, OK! TV, ES.TVDog the Bounty Hunter, Cold Squad, Da Vinci's Inquest, The Better Show, The Daily Buzz, Emotional Mojo, Kickin' it and some great Hollywood Movies!    WKYI-TV also brings viewers unique locally produced programming including The Secrets of Louisville Chefs, The Lawyers,  Pet Pals TV, and Kentuckiana Motorsports.

Stay tuned for more information that includes movies, specials, and more! WKYI-TV brings you other specials and some of your favorite Hollywood movies with stars from the silver screen! 

Check out the schedule on WKYI-TV 24!